100th Anniversary Of The Treaty Of The Danish West Indies Sold To The USA

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The story behind OZ100DVI

Throughout 2017, we will commemorate and celebrate the 100 th Anniversary of the Treaty of the Danish West Indies. In Danish they are called “Dansk Vest-Indien” or “De vestindiske øer”.

After the Islands came under the USA, they were renamed U.S. Virgin Islands. They are composed of the main islands Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, and many other neighbouring minor islands.

For details, please see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_the_Danish_West_Indies

The team behind OZ100DVI

We are a HAM radio club with the call sign OZ7SKB, located in the city of Skanderborg on the East coast of Jutland in central Denmark. Believe it or not, in Skanderborg Lake there is an island called Saint Thomas. This alone was reason why we got interested in our local history, but also in world history and the Treaty of the Danish West Indies.

Our goal is to promote our wonderful radio hobby to the public and at the same time to celebrate the Treaty of the Danish West Indies on the air. We will be represented at various city events and aim to interact among others with the local sailing club and Scout groups. On our “to do list”, there are activities such as working portable from “our” local Saint Thomas Island, hiking trips/working SOTA from the near-by Danish Lake Lands, and being on air from Flora Fauna area.

Please see link http://www.visitdenmark.co.uk/en-gb/denmark/danish- lake-lands- 0

Get involved …

If you have comments, stories, pictures or questions regarding The Danish West Indies or US Virgin Islands or our radio activities, please don’t hesitate to contact OM Kaj at OZ1EDD at GMAIL.COM. Please put a note in your mail that you accept that we publish your contribution on our site OZ100DVI.OZ7SKB.DK, WWW.OZ7SKB.DK or WWW.QRZ.COM

We are looking forward to meeting you on the air.

73 de Team OZ100DVI

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